Attention :  CAE will move to a new Factory at October 2015

Because this we cant ship any parts from Oct 03. to Oct.22.

also we are not available by mail or phone while this time.  

Thanks for your patience

CAE Shifting Technology – Shifting systems for motor sports

Sequential transmissions are not yet the standard by far, and they don't really make sense for synchronised transmissions. The compromise solutions for a sparing changing of the gears that are delivered in series by automotive manufacturers are not especially suited for high-level motor sports. Focussing on motor sports, it is possible for almost all vehicles to attain significant improvements.
Our claim: nobody deals with the subject of shifting technology more intensely than we do.
We continuously implement our experience on new vehicles. In independent cooperation with selected tuners, CAE Ultra Shifters are constantly adapted to customer requirements and the demands of the marketplace. Feedback from customers quickly flows into our series production. All this makes us the right partner for the ambitious motor sports enthusiast.

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